Privacy By Design - Technology for Humans?

Privacy by Design & default.

The European Data Protection Supervisor, otherwise known as the EDPS, an independent institution of the European Union, states that:

"The possibilities and limits of technology play an increasingly important role in our personal lives and in our societies. The extent to which humans can enjoy their fundamental rights depends not only on legal frameworks and social norms, but also on the features of the technology at their disposal. Recent discoveries of inappropriate use of personal data have driven the public debate on data protection to an unprecedented level. It is necessary that the shaping and the use of technology takes account of the need to respect the rights of individuals, rather than being driven exclusively by economic interests of few businesses."

Technology for humans? Does technology shape society?


To respond to these questions, the EDPS has published its Preliminary Opinion on Privacy by Design, which is a concept set out at Article 25 of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR


In summary, initiatives for privacy by design must be carried out as part of a bigger picture, by combining ethics and fundamental rights in technological and innovative designs.

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